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The technique to Prevent Remote Desktop Host PC/Server from Ransomware and Viruses
The technique to Prevent Remote Desktop Host PC/Server from Ransomware and Viruses
The Technique to Prevent Remote Desktop Host PC/Server from Ransomware and Viruses

* No solution is 100% but there are a few Do and Don't when it comes to prevention of ransomware attack

The common scenario of why PC / Server with antivirus protected is still attacked by viruses particularly Ransomware. Below are the common sources of problem occurs... 


  • Disabled Windows Updates. Many circumstances, the user or IT vendor disable the Windows automatic update function due to the Updated Windows may impact the functionality of the application. Some time without the users knowing, the Windows is pre-loaded with Windows Update "Off". Users and IT vendor do not understand the importance of Windows Update that fixes system security. 


  • Over expectation and overlook to Antivirus Software. Many users expected the antivirus will do the works to protect the computer. Users never realize and monitoring the antivirus software require virus patterns update regularly. Irresponsible IT vendor commonly turn off the protection just to let the application go through and left the computer unprotected even antivirus is there but is off or paused.



  • Many statements had stated that Ransomware is attacking open Remote Desktop port number 3389. Due to IT vendor lack of knowledge on how to change Windows default setting by simply continue uses the default port number and this will be exposed to malware risks. Change of port number will require configuration to Windows Firewall or Firewall from Internet Security software and this reflects the IT vendor experience.


  • No password or too simple password to login Windows also is the loophole for malware attack too.


Data Backup
No security solution is 100% perfect. Data backup are extremely important. However, there still a user does not backup the data regularly.  Or some user backup data to the same hard drive or to the external drive without detaching it after the backup is completed. All backup data will be destroyed once Ransomware attacked.

You can prevent Ransomware


* No solution is 100% but there are a few Do and Don't when it comes to prevention of ransomware attack. 

  Simple practice below :-  


  • Before whatever prevention approaches, DATA BACKUP is a must. Backup data daily to 2 USB drives and de-attached to the server after the backup is completed. Keep the backup drive attached to the server may be destroyed if Ransomware attack.

  • Never turn off Windows Update but keep it up-to-date regularly. (more setting tutorial see...)  


  • Enable Windows Firewall or use Internet Security with Firewall, never turn it off but firewall setting must be done according to the software requirement. (more setting tutorial see...)  


  • Use proven and effective licensed antivirus software. We suggest Bitdefender Business Solution Cloud Edition. (Why Cloud Edition?)


  • Understand the antivirus software and make necessary configuration for application to work properly instead of turning off it.


  • Run full antivirus scan to your hard drives regularly and take action to the notification.


  • Change RDP port 3389 to other 4 or 5 digits unique number. Many statements had stated that Ransomware mostly attacks Remote Desktop with default port number 3389. Hence, change of this number will warrant the server from being attacked.



  • Use complex password to increase security. Keep the password secret to the user themselves. Not recommended to share the account with multiple users. 


Why Cloud Edition
Why Bitdefender Business Security Cloud Edition


  • It is a proven effective Cloud-Based antivirus that restricts user or software vendor to stop, pause or disable the protection.


  • Virus patterns are updated on to the Cloud Server instantly which will automatically push through to the PC / Server without having the hassle to manually click to update. 


  • Anti-Malware/ Anti-Ransomware vaccine is the strength of Bitdefender.


  • Remotely monitoring the PC / Server condition on Cloud is easy and able to act instantly on any suspicious notification. 

  • Settings, configuration tutorial, and support are available from ServerLink Cloud Computing Sdn.Bhd.  Support Hotline: 1-700-81-7070 (more settings & configuration...)


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