Live Demo


Web Browser Connection




Chrome Browser is recommended or IE, FireFox & all others HTML5 supported browser for MAC OS, suggested to use Chrome Browser for MAC OS

ServerLink Demo Server address are

Select Application to launch.


Open document as usual, 

Click File, Print, 

Select Universal Printer then click print.

PS: this printing method applicable to all Host PC / Server on all Windows edition.


Remote Desktop Connection


Connect to Demo Server with Portable Client

Please download a Portable Client File (for Windows Only)

No Username & password required.

How to print to local printer(s)

Open document as usual, print to (Redirected) local printer(s)


Print to "Universal Printer" then select local printer(s). No printer driver is concerned.

Apps for iOS & Android
youtube video



Suggested Apps for IOS and Android is Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Sample of configuration


Other Demo Server

Dynamic Hostname to connect demo server No.1:

Username: sample
password: (call for password)


Host PC hardware Specification


Minimum Hardware Requirement

  • Dua Core CPU

  • 16Gb Memory

  • 100Gb Harddik

  • Network Adapter

  • Windows 32/64bit (more...)

  • Internet Access 

Recomemded Hardware

  • i3/5/7 Intel CPU

  • 32Gb Memory

  • 200Gb Harddik or more

  • SSD Harddisk/ Solid State Disk

  • Network Adapter

  • Windows 32/64bit (more...)

  • Internet Access

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