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Update Release - Emergency Update Code
Annual Subscription required
Download and setup Update Release from

The message above indicated that this license for support is not subscribed or expired. 
Please subscribe to ServerLink Support Update from > Buy Now

Each subscription of Support Update is valid for 12 months. Unlimited software upgrade,  bug fix, patches and re-host license are allowed within the stipulated period of 12 months.
This Support Update Subscription is mandatory if applying Update Release and License Rehost.
You are encouraged to subscribe Support Update during the new license purchase. There will be no more free license Re-Host due to any reasons that the serial number is varies.
Activate Update Support License

Subscribe to ServerLink Support Update from > Buy Now
With referring to the number of users license.

We will email you a "Support.lic" file, download it to the Host PC/ Server, then import it.

You may begin apply Update Release program software or migrate the ServerLink for next 12 months. 
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