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Work From Home

Connect to Office Server from Home PC


Some of the job can be Work From Home such as accounting, programing and ...


This solution best fit for freelance accounting services. This simple solution easy the manpower shortage and help to expend client base for booking business.

Create another site income opportunity for house wife without sacrifices valuable family time. 


How it works...

This is the best ever, affordable and effective solution to enable all branches and mobile users centralize their data to HQ server. 

Simply setup ServerLink Remote Access software onto your existing server or main PC without changing current hardware and operating system, your branches users are ready to connect to HQ Accounting System without any client software installation.

Absolutely hassle free. There is no need to change the main PC to Windows Server, No expensive firewall and broadband or IT engineering are needed.

This PRIVATE CLOUD Solution is securely under your full control. Remote users are able to access to server for data entries, retrieve information or print to local printer with limited permission set by administrator.

 FREE TRIAL Please call 1700 81 7070
Mobile: +6019-3211 486

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