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ServerLink RemoteWork
How it works and setup guides...

Adrian and Megan work from home. Both connect back to their own Workstation respectively via the ServerLink RemoteWork Connection Broker with just a WEB Browser.

Then login to the office network as usual as in the office. 
Both of them enjoy the same working PC interface as they are in the office. Same application, same Files and Folders in the workstation, or in server.


  • Connection Broker System – The “Connection Broker” can be installed on any Windows system (Windows server 2008 - 2019 any edition or Windows 10 Professional in our Company Network)

  • The “Connection Broker” is usually installed nearby your ISP’s Router. A NAT (Network Address Translation) rule will redirect the HTTP and/or the HTTPS ports  (default value is port 80/443) from the external IP to the LAN IP of your “Connection Broker”. Doing so, your “Connection Broker” is the only system exposed to the Internet.

  • Alternatively, VPN is highly recommended for a private and secure connection.

  • For your remote access from the Internet, you will use your fixed IP address to access your ServerLink Remote Work Connection Broker.  However, if you do not have such fix address, you can use a dynamic DNS service such as or or ...

  • Another secure method is, use Firewall VPN, Router VPN or Software VPN (Learn more software VPN).



  • Internet Connection

  • any Web Browser

Setup RemoteWork Connection Broker Host

Step 1 - Create another backup Administrator for this Windows (learn more)
Step 2 - Fix an IP address for this Host (learn more

Step 3 - Setup Java (learn more)
Step 4 - Download SERVERLINK RemoteWork from 

Step 5 - Then run "Setup-SERVERLINK-RemoteWork.exe" to begin installation

An installer will be downloaded to C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup-SERVERLINK-RemoteWork.exe
Then run this setup file to begin the installation.

Step 6 - Upon Windows is restarted, let's proceed to Workstation Settings

- Fix a static LAN IP on each workstation
- Open (where is the ServerLink RemoteWork Broker host PC IP address)

- Download "Mandatory Workstation Setup" and setup to each workstation



Step 6 - Configure TSPLUS RemoteWork Connection Broker. Open AdminTool on the ServerLink RemoteWork Broker PC


3.2 - if the user required to login to the workstation as a Domain user, then click Find in AD to browse the user from the Active Directory. Before that, ensure the ServerLink RemoteWork Broker PC has joined as Domain client and log on as Domain Administrator first. 


If Adrian's workstation is a share PC with multiple users, then add the other username or Domain name on the ServerLink RemoteWork Broker to be recognized.

VPN Connection between Home PC & Office Network

We suggest forming a VPN connection between ServerLink RemoteWork and the home PC.

Available VPN options are...
- Hardware Firewall VPN such as Fortigate, Sophos, SonicWall, Cisco & ...
- Router VPN such as Asus Router, LinkSys Router, TP-Link Router
- Software VPN such as ZeroTier VPN, RAdmin or ...

If necessary to configure Port Forwarding with Dynamic Hostname, then extra security must be applied. Such as...

- ServerLink Security Ultimate Edition
- 2 Factors Authentication
- SSL Secure Web

Remote User / Home-Based User are ready to connect

Step 7 -  Open a Web Browser with key-in the Broker IP address or hostname
example if VPN connected remote client, ""
example if ZeroTier software VPN connected remote client, ""
example if Port Forwarding with Dynamic hostname configured, remote client address is " or"

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