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Homeland Access Protection

On this tile, you can allow access for users connecting from all countries, or decide to restrict the access to only specific countries.
Select the second button "Allow connections only from this list of countries", and select the country/countries of your choice on the drop-down menu, they will be added to the list of allowed countries. Then, click on the "Apply now" button.

On this example, you allowed access for users connecting from Germany, France, Italy and USA.

When an IP address gets blocked, it appears on the right list, and you have the possibility to unblock it.

Warning: please triple-check that you have at least included the country where you are currently connected from. Otherwise, your IP address will be blocked quite quickly after applying the settings, more precisely as soon as a new user session will be opened on the server, thus disconnecting you without any hope of connecting back again from the same IP. If you get blocked, we recommend that you try connecting from any country you allowed on ServerLink Security, for instance by connecting from another remote server. You can also use your console session to fix the settings, as this connection is not using Remote Desktop Services or any non-local network and will not be blocked by ServerLink Security.

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