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Download ServerLink documents and user manuals

General Information
     - Get Started
     - Prerequisites
     - Installation
     - Administration Tool Overviewer
     - Updating (Upgrade) ServerLink
     - Securing a ServerLink server
     - License Activation

    - Connection Client Generator
    - Automatically Updating Generated Clients
    - Seamless Connection Client
    - Remote Task Bar and Floating Panel
    - Files Transfer
    - Load Balance and Failover
    - Application Publishing
    - Assigning Applications to Users or Group
    - Open Files on Client Side

    - Universal Printer

Web Access
    - Built-in Web Server Management
    - Web Folder
    - Web License Status
    - Services and Ports
    - Using IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services)
    - AdminTool: Windows/Java Printing
    - AdminTool: HTML5 Settings
    - Creating and Customizing HTML Web Access pages using the Webmaster Toolkit
    - Web Credentials for HTML5 client

Secure Web
    - SSH Tunneling
    - SSL Certificate
    - Run Windows or Java client under Proxy environment
    - Using services behind Reverse Proxy
    - Enforce the use of web portal to connect to the server

    - Remote Connection from iPhone / iPAD / Android devices
    - HTML5 Client: How to maximize the browser windows
    - HTML5 Client: Using Clipboard
    - HTML5 Client: Using File Transfer
    - HTML5 Client: Using Gestures on mobile devices (Touch)
    - HTML5 Client: RDP session resolution on mobile devices
    - HTML5 Client: Support Browsers
    - HTML5 Client: Using two languages
    - Gateway Features
    - Managing Gateway Users
    - Gateway Portal Load Balancing

    - After Setup

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