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A simple and effective steps to prevent ransomware.

Free From Ransomware
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How does a computer become infected with Ransomware?

Ransomware is often spread through phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or through drive-by downloading. Drive-by downloading occurs when a user unknowingly visits an infected website and then malware is downloaded and installed without the user’s knowledge.

Crypto ransomware, a malware variant that encrypts files, is spread through similar methods and has also been spread through social media, such as Web-based instant messaging applications. Additionally, newer methods of ransomware infection have been observed. For example, vulnerable Web servers have been exploited as an entry point to gain access into an organization’s network.

Why my PC with antivirus still infected Ransomware again?
Commonly viruses used to attack computer that is lack of following actions:-

  • Windows Update is Out-of-date or being turned off.

  • Windows Firewall disabled.

  • Remote Desktop Port number remain using 3389.

  • No antivirus software or uses the free version with least protection.

  • Antivirus software expired or outdated virus patterns.

  • User or IT vendor least knowledge to the antivirus software and simply turn the protection off for allowing the third-party application to be functional.

How to Prevent Ransomware Attack!
There are a few simple steps:-



  • Never turn off Windows Update & keep it Up-to-date regularly.


  • Enable Windows Firewall or use firewall provided by antivirus.




  • Understand the antivirus software and make necessary configuration for application to work smoothly instead of just turning it off.


  • Run full antivirus scan to your hard drives regularly and take nessesary action to the alert.


  • Use VPN Solution without opening Port Forwarding, no Public WAN IP dependent and no Dynamic Hostname is required.​ 


  • Change RDP port number from default 3389 to other 4 or 5 digits unique number. Tutorial see...


  • Remove "Everyone" & "Authenticated Users" in Windows Remote User Group. Tutorial see...​


  • Disable Remote Desktop Connection, leave WEB access & Portable Client only. Tutorial see...


  • 2 Copies data backup daily to external drives and keep it offline.



  • Restore the backup file monthly to ensure it is correctly backup and restorable. 


Bitdefender Business Security Cloud Edition
Proven Effective on Malware protection


Why CLOUD Edition?

Easier to remotely administer security for customers on Bitdefender cloud website.

Users or third-party vendor cannot simply turn off the protection.

Pre-configured to scan the drives twice a week or more. 

"Hybrid Scan" will not decrease computer performance.

Automatic or forced virus pattern update from Cloud to the computer. 

and more benefits...

 Get Protected Today!  

Login to to get your copy of the software.

Configuration and Understanding video tutorial is provided. Direct support via Teamviewer.

Proven best security for ServerLink Remote Access Solution.

No solution is 100% but from more than 300 server installations experience, Bitdefender Cloud Edition had proven it is the most effective security for ServerLink Remote Access.

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