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Do you know Data Backup is extremely more important than data input! 


Ransomware viruses have no way to recover once infected other than settle with a sum of money demanded. It is strongly discouraged to settle the matter by accommodating with their request.

Therefore preventing Ransomware is important as well as securing your valuable data.

You might be very hard working to input data to your system every day. But how about data backup? Many users don't even know the data need to be backed up daily. Some carry out the backup daily but ended up in the wrong destination or backing up the wrong stuff. Eventually, the backup data cannot be restored.

Here are the common mistakes:-

- Backup to the same Hard drive.
Consequences: It will hit by Ransomware. Data will be destroyed if hard-disk damage.

- Backup to the Secondary Hard-disk, example D drive or E drive
Consequences: It will eventually hit by Ransomware as well. 

- Backup to the External Hard-disk or USB Drive without detaching it from the computer. 
Consequences: It will eventually hit by Ransomware as well.

- Backup to the Auto Sync Cloud Drive, example One Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox
Consequences: It will eventually hit by Ransomware as well.

- Backup to NAS Mapped drive
Consequences: It will eventually hit by Ransomware as well.

- Backup from the Server to another PC
Consequences: All PC has a chance to be infected by viruses. The backup data could be damaged on the backup PC.


External Drive Backup

  • Backup Data daily to 2 External devices. (USB Drive or USB hard-disk)

  • Remove the external drive/devices after the backup is completed.

Backup to Cloud Drive 

  • If backup to Cloud Drive, make sure it is not Auto Sync but login to cloud drive manually and copy the data to cloud drive by drag and drop.


Backup to NAS drive

  • Backup to NAS Drive, make sure the destination is not an auto MAPPED Drive which Ransomware can easily reach to the MAPPED Drive without asking username and password.

Multi Copies

  • Keep a copy of Backup Data offsite every end of the month.

  • Do not replace the daily backup data. Keep many versions possible based on date & time.


Try to restore backup data to another temporary server to ensure the backup data is restorable in the event data restore is required.


If you are applying any Auto-Backup software solution, please consult your supplier respectively.



Use 3 set of backup drives in the rotation. 

Set A - use on Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Set B - use on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Set C - replacement for set A or set B whichever fall on the last day of the month i.e. Friday is the last day of the month, we will replace Set A with Set C on the backup rotation.  Set A will be put aside. Recycle Set A as next backup set for the following month.



Always keep the backup drive Set used on the last day of the month and recycle the previous month backup drives for backup rotation.


#Get Bitdefender from your local country distributor.

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