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Separating Account Name on AutoCount menu


Copy "Happy Trading.dmf" to a notepad on the server

Step 2:-
Open the "Happy Trading.dmf" with notepad

Change AED_MOBILE to the database name as see on Autocount menu (example: AED_ABCSDNBHD)

Change the company name MOBILE PHONE TRADING 2014 to the company name as see on Autocount menu (example: ABS Sdn Bhd)
<CompanyName>MOBILE PHONE TRADING 2014</CompanyName>

Step 3:-
Save this file as a different file name (example: abcsdnbhd.dmf) in a new folder named C:\autocount_dmf\abcsdnbhd.dmf

Step 4:-
Repeat step 1 to step 3 process for other companies account

Step 5:- 
Open ServerLink AdminTool > Application > Add Application

Path/Filename: C:\Program Files\AutoCount\Accounting 1.9\Accounting.exe
Start Directory: C:\Program Files\AutoCount\Account 1.9
Display Name: ABD SDN BHD
Command line option: -dmf:"C:\autocount_dmf\abcsdnbhd.dmf" 

Step 6:-
Assign the Published Autocount icon to users. See tutorial

Step 7.
Apply ServerLink Security to further harden the server securities...
- Users from the selected country are allowed to access the server.
- Users access day and hour

- Deny remote users to access the un-authorize folder(s) 
- Lockdown remote users access right
- Protect server from Ransomware 
- Block hackers IP address
- Limit remote users access devices 

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