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Improving Accounting, Tax, Audit Services Operating Model 

It's actually very easy with steps below


Setup "ServerLink Remote Access software" to your accounting software server.


To turn your accounting system become WEB-Based. 
Now your SQL Accounting, AutoCount, MYOB, UBS, QuickBook, EasyTax, Superior ComSec & ... become WEB-based for multi-location access.


Allowing your clients to log in to your accounting software server to update their debtors' accounts. (with strict security and privacy)

such as issue Invoices, Sales orders, Generate Aging Reports, Print Statements, or Payment Knock-off.

Your staff will handle Creditor Accounts and Financial Accounting. This will reduce half of your workloads and eliminates human error. 

You may also advise the customer to upload creditors' documents to a Cloud Drive and share with you or your account staff to update creditors' accounts with the document image.  

Your accounting services are now always up-to-date promptly. 


Allowing your staff to connect the server for a direct update Audit system when conducting onsite audit for customers. 

Tax/ Audit systems such as Easy TAX, Superior ComTax & ... are proven support.


Work From Home / Work From Branch / Part-time workers

ServerLink Remote Access also well knows for Work From Home, from Multi-Location. 
Work on Accounting software, Word/Excelor access the shared files & Folders with user-access rights.

Proven Safe & Secure

In-House Staff 

ServerLink "Application Control" feature allows the administrator to assign application and folder access rights based on the individual users.

For example, the Accounting staff is invisible to the TAX / Audit program and folders related. The Tax / Audit and Accounting staff is not knowing there is a Payroll system exit in the server as well. 

This feature protects data security, privacy & confidentiality.


External Clients

ServerLink "Application Control" feature allows the administrator to assign the permitted accounting program to the client only. 

furthermore, the client can only see this own company name listed on the accounting software menu only. Other client companies' names are invisible and inaccessible. 

The ServerLink Application Control feature protects client data security, privacy & confidentiality.

Users access rights sample table

Private Network
only recognized remote users is allowed

Secure Network  

We configure this server in a Private Network (VPN) for the remote users you allowed only. 
This way of connection is proven to effectively prevent Ransomware viruses and other unauthorized access. 

Print to Local Printer
Embedded Universal Printer


Universal Printer  


ServerLink embedded Universal Printer allows remote users to print documents to a local printer without printer driver compatibility.