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Alternative to Citrix / Windows TSE

Turn Your Accounting System to WEB Isn't Expensive Anymore !

All-in-one solution for Remote Access and Web Portal

Simply setup ServerLink into any PC or server to make the application remote accessible for branches or work from home.

ServerLink turn any of your existing application like Accounting/ Stock System, ERP and etc to be remotely accessible. Hence, you can remain your existing application software but multi location accessible. Branches users are now ready to connect to Server in HQ with Remote Desktop Connection or Web Browser. No client software setup is needed.

A fastest and easiest way to build your own Private Cloud Server for your internal staff to access from various location. It also ready for mobile device to connect too.

# No change of hardware and software is needed #


Remote Users are now able to use WEB Browser to access any application in HQ Server. 


Only permitted application is allowed to specified remote user. No more exploring the entire server. Better security and confidentiality.


Print documents to remote printer without driver setup.


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