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New beta version online v10.10

This is our comment for this new beta version:

Major Release.
The new release 10.10 is a major release will be general availability on March 26, 2017

W10 Home: Soon, Microsoft will publish a new version of W10 Home where key components has been removed. So, from release 10.10, ServerLink will not be compatible anymore with W10 Home. Because Microsoft made its automatic updates mandatory on W10, it also means that all existing ServerLink customers using a W10 Home Edition will have to upgrade their Windows system to the W10 PRO version.

Universal Printer: For the past 10 years we are using the OEM version of CutePDF on the server side. The release 10.10 remove this PDF generator to replace it by our own technology. The folder /UniversalPrinter/ does not exists anymore. The new created Universal Printer is based on a driver dll installed in /system32/ folder.

Client Generator: The Client Generator has been completely re-written.
- It uses the local PDF Reader to print the documents
- It handles the new PDF format created by the new Universal Printer driver
- We create it to be compatible as fallback the old Universal Printer format.
- Old generated client will remains compatible with the new Universal Printer driver
- We added a time limit feature: for example,  the generated client can be valid only for 15 days.
- We added a check box to remove the option "Allow to save my credential"

Comment: Because the Universal Printer driver is new, the size of the Setup program, of the Client Generator and of the generated clients are smaller in the release 10.10.

Farm Manager: The Farm Manager feature has been enhanced and we added 4 more features.
- Load Balancing monitoring: a nice looking wizard to follow the farm production
- Load Balancing per server to disable/enable the incoming connections to one selected server
- Only LAN RDP to extend this feature among the farm
- Web Explore
The translation has also be added to the Farm Manager feature.
Please keep in mind that any server of a farm must own an Enterprise license.

Web Application Panel:

- When the Floating Panel was one of the published application, it was not displaying any application. This is fixed now.
- When one application was calling any daughter application, the logoff process was not processed and the session remains active without any displayed application. This is fixed now.

RemoteApp: One Explorer was open aside from the folder.exe display when Microsoft Remote Desktop was assigned to a user. This is fixed now.

URL on Client: The URL on Client was requiring the Admin rights. It is fixed now.

HTML5 enhancements:

- Any click of the Top menu feature is automatically closing the Top Menu
- Support of dynamic display channel
- Better display of clipboard menu
- Support of long filenames in file transfer

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